Open Service Positions

A vital part of our personal growth in OA that serves to deepen and enhance our recovery is service. All OA members share a responsibility for the operation of OA. We encourage you to consider being of service to our OASV fellowship.

For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority – a loving God as He may express Himself in our group conscience. Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern.

To listen to a podcast on the value and importance of service, click here.

Please take a moment to check out the open service positions below.

Requirements: 6 months of abstinence.
Term: 2 year commitment.

  • Serve in the absence of the Chair, assist the Chair whenever needed, and serve in an advisory capacity to the Chair on parliamentary procedure.
  • Strong working knowledge of the 12 Steps, 12 traditions, and 12 concepts of the OA program and willingness to adhere to the principles of the OA program.
  • Serve as chair of the Bylaws Committee.
  • May attend all standing committee meetings.
  • Together, with other members of the OASV IG, evaluate non-OA approved, but OA resourced content that has been submitted for inclusion in the publication of the OASV MailChimp Newsletter.
  • For further information or to volunteer, please send email to

Requirements: 1 year of abstinence and at least 2 years of service beyond the group level.
Term: 2 year commitment.

  • Attend the annual WSO Business Conference (This year is it being held on April 21-24, 2021).
  • Keep the service body informed about what is happening with OA throughout the world and keep the WSO informed about the service body’s problems and progress, needs and wishes.
  • Receive and share with the service body all mail from the WSO, the yearly Conference Report, and other information and ideas from WSBC, including workshop subjects and any new or changed OA policies decided at WSBC.
  • Inform the service body of any new or revised literature published by OA.
  • Remind the service body about group registration and the importance of keeping the meetings database current.
  • Keep fellow members informed about world service activities, such as public information campaigns and notifications from the WSO of articles and broadcasts about OA that may attract newcomers or generate inquiries.
  • Be the WSO’s area contact person, often to guide prospective members to a meeting and to carry the message as needed. A good delegate wholeheartedly abides by the spirit of our Twelve Traditions, especially the commitment to give service freely.
  • Help the service body solve problems and assist in keeping the service body bylaws in compliance with OA Bylaws. To do this, the delegate may draw on the resources of the World Service Office, where the staff is ready to relay helpful OA experience from all over the world.
  • It is suggested that at least one of the delegates also serve as the Region 2 representative.
  • For further information or to volunteer, please send email to

Requirements: 1 year of abstinence.
Term: 2 year commitment.

  • Attend the Region 2 Spring Assembly (typically held in March).
  • Region Representatives are the link between the local group and the regional level. They bring concerns and issues to the region for discussion and bring information from the region back to their groups.
  • A proven commitment to service is also an important consideration in choosing a region representative.
  • For further information or to volunteer, please send email to

Intergroup representatives will be selected by the group conscience of the meeting they represent. Term and abstinence requirements are determined by the individual meetings.

  • The duty of the IR is to represent the group at intergroup (IG) meetings and to carry communications between the IG and the represented group.
  • The IR attends the monthly IG meeting to bring highlights of that meeting to the meeting they represent.

Requirements: 1 year of abstinence.
Term: 2 year commitment

  • Promote OASV events and activities to OA members and to those in the general public who are seeking relief from compulsive eating.
  • Strong working knowledge of the 12 Steps, 12 traditions, and 12 concepts of the OA program and willingness to adhere to the principles of the OA program.
  • Responsible for forming a committee tasked with ensuring that all OASV IG events are well promoted to the target audience.
  • It is important that the chair and committee members are well-versed in the current associated technologies essential to effective online promotion.
  • Create and document a repeatable process to blanket the OA universe with information about upcoming events so that interested people can learn about and attend OASV IG online events.
  • Maintain lists of OA regional contacts, intergroup contacts, and World Service Office (WSO) contacts to facilitate broad communication about upcoming OASV events.
  • Monitor web visits, clicks, and subscriber numbers to inform OASV IG, in advance, of potential attendance or attendance concerns that may warrant added support.
  • Maintain technologies, upgrading or requesting budget, as needed.
  • For further information or to volunteer, please send email to

Requirements: 3 months abstinence.
Term: 2 year commitment.

  • Match newcomers and returning members with available sponsors.
  • Gather and maintain a list of available sponsors; respond to newcomer/returning member requests for a sponsor; match sponsor with newcomer/returning member.
  • For further information or to volunteer, please send email to

Requirements: 3 months abstinence
Term: 2 year commitment.

  • Provide guidance to workshop leaders.
  • Solicit requests for new workshop leaders and topics. Starting in September, send out emails and requests for proposals for new workshops in 2022.
  • Instruct workshop leaders to adhere to OA’s 36 principles (12 Step, 12 Traditions, 12 Concepts) and to reference only OA-approved literature.
  • Assist with the workshop proposal submission (to be delivered to Intergroup 3 months prior to the scheduled workshop) including an outline of the intended workshop’s purpose, plans, need for break-out rooms, time for sharing, and any deliverables or handouts.
  • Provide Workshop Action Plan: develop content for promotional flyer; work with the Publicity coordinator to ensure broad communication about the workshop; gather workshop technical support staff (Zoom host, co-hosts, and time-keeper to monitor Zoom room and schedule); plan ahead for hand-out, podcast recoding, and/or YouTube video.
  • For further information or to volunteer, please send email to

OASV Committees need your support – please consider stepping up to be of love and service on one of our committees.

Please consider doing service to ensure the success of the Serenity Retreat. Do not hesitate to step up – you will be assisted by other committee members.

  • Program Chair: assists with guiding overall vision and organization.
  • Speaker Seeker: identifies and lines-up prospective speakers.
  • Co-Registration: assists with the registration process.
  • Hospitality: ensures that abstinent food is available.
  • For further details or to volunteer, contact Rick V at

Requirements: 6 months abstinence for presenters and info table staff (must be at or near a healthy weight); other roles on this committee do not have an abstinence requirement.
Term: 2 year commitment.

  • Assist with outreach out to the public/professionals to organize events and to speak before groups (in person or via Zoom).
  • Your ideas, personal contacts, and support are sought to bring OA to the still suffering compulsive overeater – meet 1x per month for 1 hour via Zoom (even if you don’t have time to join the committee, your ideas and any key contact information that you may have to share is always welcome).
  • For further information or to volunteer, please send email to Francine at

Our 12th Step in Overeaters Anonymous tells us to “carry the message to compulsive overeaters….” The primary purpose of the Twelfth Step Within, therefore, is to carry that same message to those who still suffer within the OA fellowship. Thus, the Twelfth Step Within Committee deals largely with relapse and issues of membership retention – the message, of course, is hope. On the 12th of each month, we encourage EVERYONE to make outreach calls to members you have not seen or spoken with in a while. We get better TOGETHER!

  • To learn more about the 12th Step Within, please click here.

Additional service positions are available for your consideration in service to our Annual Serenity Retreat. To view the various open positions, please click here!