About Online Meetings

Online or In-person – We are here to support YOU!

During this unprecedented pandemic – a time of uncertainty and concerns over our public health – you can be certain of one thing: that Overeaters Anonymous Silicon Valley cares about you and your recovery journey.  We understand that attending our typical in-person meetings is difficult, if not impossible. So that we may continue to serve and support our members and anyone who still suffers with compulsive eating and/or compulsive food behaviors, during this period of vital social distancing and shelter in place public health orders, we have migrated all our traditional in-person meetings to the online world. As our county begins to re-open, we will continue to listen to our public health experts and adapt accordingly. We are exploring the best ways to serve you, and are looking at continuing to offer some of our local meetings as “exclusively online” meetings, while others of our meetings may move to being exclusively in-person meetings once again (safety protocols allowing), or they may become a hybrid meeting that leverages the best of both worlds – online and in-person.

Guided by our Twelve Traditions, all OA meetings are autonomous. Consequently, they have established their own procedures for meeting online. You will find that each meeting honors our primary purpose – to help the still suffering compulsive eater – but that they may do so in different ways, with, perhaps, different opening readings and meeting formats.

Anyone with a desire to stop eating compulsively is invited to log into any one (or more) of our various OASV online meetings in search of recovery and to hear from others just like you who will be sharing their experience, strength, and hope.

Safety and Security – We work with you to help ensure both!

Out of respect for our member’s personal safety and security in the online world, we encourage everyone that attends one of our online meetings to employ discretion when posting any personal contact information in the public chat forum. Within OA, although we do happily share our personal contact information with one another, we do so only to the level of our own individual comfort. Growing a relationship with our fellow OA members is encouraged for the purposes of unity and our common recovery. We work to respect and honor each individual’s personal boundaries and comfort level.

PLEASE NOTE:  Some meetings choose to audio record all or part of a meeting for playback at a future time. 

Here at OA Silicon Valley, we will always make an announcement prior to audio recording any portion of a meeting or event.  Typically, only the speaker is recorded, and only with their prior permission (a special Release Form is made available to them prior to the meeting/event for their review and signature authorization).  By accessing and using the information on this website, you agree that you have been notified that a meeting may be recorded. 

To maintain your anonymity, you may use a fictitious name, or none at all. You may also listen without speaking. Be advised that in some cases, your phone number, name, or email address may be visible to others in the meeting if the device you are using to access an online meeting makes such information visible. You are free to rename yourself or to add (or remove) any visible information.