Inspired Recovery

To those of us that have battled with compulsive eating, our recovery from this disease is nothing short of miraculous. In the throes of our disease, we experienced the darkest of days and the harshest of times. We woefully feared, that for us, there was simply no hope.

Upon finding Overeaters Anonymous, most of us approached the program with trepidation, thinking that we’d only happened upon yet another reason to throw in the towel and give up on ourselves. What could a Twelve Step program possibly begin to offer us that we hadn’t already tried? Had we not attempted every diet, read every best-selling book, joined every exercise program, starved and purged, or even gone so far as to search out medical solutions, including drastic surgeries, to our problems of weight, body image, and food obsession? For people like us, that had tried everything – and yet failed miserably – what could possibly be left undone?

What was to come next proved to be quite a surprise. We were not, in fact, misfits, failures, lazy, or entirely lacking in willpower. Rather, it was explained to us that we had a disease – the disease of compulsive eating. And that this disease was threefold: physical, emotional, and spiritual. And although we could never be cured, by working the Twelve Steps a spiritual awakening was possible – and this spiritual awakening would give us a daily reprieve from our suffering contingent upon the maintenance of our spiritual condition.

Much to our surprise, warm and welcoming OA members (who had, themselves, experienced a spiritual awakening), encouraged us to keep coming back, no matter what. They urged us to find a sponsor, work the steps, and gain the freedom from bondage that was available to us all.

These very same OA members helped us to understand that while no human power could relieve us of our obsession, that a power greater than ourselves could, and would, if sought!

Having found the spiritual solution freely available in the rooms of OA, many of us now gladly share our experience, strength and hope with others, like ourselves, so that they might find this design for living that really works. What follows, are examples of the happiness, joy and freedom we’ve found by working the Twelve Steps of Overeaters Anonymous. On this website, we share with you the many ways and forms that our program of recovery has unleashed our creativity, our playfulness, and our laughter. May you come to find the same relief and enjoyment we’ve found living life one day at a time.

At OASV we have a solution that not only addresses the obsession with food, but that offers a design for living that really works – and we have no dues or fees for membership!

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