Quiz for Family and Concerned Adults

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If you are uncertain or concerned that your loved one may have a problem with compulsive eating, restricting, body image, exercising excessively, binge eating, purging, or some other type of disordered eating, then ask yourself the following questions.

  • Do you notice that food is inexplicably gone?
  • Does the person try to sneak food?
  • Do you find hidden food and wrappers?
  • Are all the “goodies” gone?
  • Does the person often eat alone?
  • Does the person visit the bathroom after eating, and you hear water running?
  • Are people often suggesting the person go on a diet?
  • Does the person seem to have more food and less money?
  • Does the person’s weight affect how he or she lives?
  • Is the person routinely using laxatives or water pills?
  • Is the person unhappy about his or her appearance?
  • Is the person or other people in the person’s life unhappy about his or her eating behavior?

If you answered YES to any or most of these questions, your loved one may benefit from Overeaters Anonymous (OA). 

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