Curious about how Overeaters Anonymous Silicon Valley can help the patients, clients, students, staff, or community members you serve? Then get to know OA!

At Overeaters Anonymous Silicon Valley, we help anyone and everyone who is struggling with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, obesity, over-eating, under-eating, nighttime eating, excessive exercise, poor body image, or any number of other food issues and compulsive eating behaviors.

Professionals in healthcare, education, faith communities, human resource departments, government, social services, and more have long relied on OA as an invaluable resource. Doing so has made all the difference for those who once suffered with an eating disorder or who struggled with food addiction. After joining OA, these very same individuals were able to begin enjoying life and long-term recovery from their problems with food rather than the misery of endless restricting and exercise, costly gym memberships or ineffective diet programs that always over promised and under-delivered. In fact, having OA as a support group and combining it with professional intervention is usually a game changer. Why not take this time to learn more about OA and what it has to offer?

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