OASV Intergroup Contacts


The list below reflects the key people to contact, and their respective service positions, within OA Silicon Valley Intergroup. OASV Intergroup meets online once per month on the first Tuesday of the month (from 7:15pm to 8:15pm, Pacific time) to discuss issues or concerns relative to the meetings within Santa Clara County. To learn more about OASV Intergroup and its function, please click here.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding OASV intergroup, please refer to the contact list below. As we are all volunteers, we ask that you allow up to 48 hours for a reply.

Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the annual OASV Retreat (which is coordinated through a separate OASV Retreat Committee), please send email directly to the committee members at: oaserenityretreat@gmail.com.

Service Position Name Email 
Intergroup (IG) Chair Rick V. chair@oasv.org
IG Vice Chair OPEN – Need volunteer vicechair@oasv.org
Treasurer Bruce G. treasurer@oasv.org
Secretary Celia F. secretary@oasv.org
World Service Delegate 1 Pattie S. wsbcdelegate@oasv.org
World Service Delegate 2 Terry G. wsbcdelegate@oasv.org
Region 2 Representative Terry G. r2rep@oasv.org
Region 2 Representative OPEN – Need volunteer r2rep@oasv.org
Public Information / Professional Outreach Coordinator OPEN – Need volunteer publicinformation@oasv.org


Media Contact Francine B. media@oasv.org
IG Digital Basket Coordinator Frank H. 7thtradition@oasv.org
Zoom Account Coordinator Frank H. zoom@oasv.org
Promotions Committee Chair OPEN – Need volunteer promo@oasv.org
Workshop Coordinator OPEN- Need volunteer workshop@oasv.org
Twelve Step Within Coordinator Terry G. 12stepwithin@oasv.org
Activities Chair OPEN- Need volunteer activities@oasv.org
Mail Courier Mernoosh mail@oasv.org
OASV Newsletter Editor – Temp Francine B. oasvnewslettter@gmail.com
OASV Blog Editor Julie T. blog@oasv.org
Temporary Sponsor Coordinator OPEN – Need volunteer getsponsor@oasv.org
Newcomer Greeter Frank H. newtoOA@oasv.org
Web Admin Francine B. oasvwebmaster@oasv.org
Co-Web Admin Dragana C. oasvwebmaster@oasv.org