Monthly Intergroup Meeting

In order to promote unity among the local meetings and our members, OASV Intergroup’s monthly meeting serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas; serving the needs of its OA groups; and carrying the message of Overeaters Anonymous to the compulsive overeater who still suffers.

The OASV Intergroup meeting is held on the first Tuesday of every month from 7:15-8:15 PM, Pacific time. All are welcome to attend. OA members holding service positions are encouraged to participate each month. We encourage every OA meeting group to elect and send an Intergroup Representative (IR) to our monthly meeting (please click previous link, or view IR details further below).

Monthly Meeting Details:

The monthly Intergroup meeting is held online. To join the Overeaters Anonymous Silicon Valley Meeting click here! Or, dial by your location: +1 (408) 638 0968 US (San Jose). Meeting ID: 827 8206 1411, Passcode: 657537

What is an OA ‘Intergroup?’

To ensure the smooth and effective facilitation of local OA meetings – along with the essential communications between groups, with the respective OA region (within which the groups are located), and with the World Service Organization (WSO) – OA groups in any given area may choose to organize into what is referred to as an OA ‘Intergroup.’

Within OA, we recognize the value of working together, rather than separately. As such, meeting groups may form what is known as an ‘Intergroup’ that is directly responsible to the groups and members it serves within any specified area, town, city, county, or geography.

Typically, OA Intergroups are created and organized to do the following:

  • Agree to meet each month (at a regularly scheduled time and designated place either online or in-person) to review, discuss, and, wherever needed, vote upon the issues or concerns presented by OA members or brought to the attention of the Intergroup by the local Region or World Service Organization. Our OASV Intergroup regularly meets online on the first Tuesday of each month.
    • Meeting ID: 827 8206 1411, Passcode: 657537
    • Dial-in Instructions: for local (San Jose, USA) please call +1-408-638-0968, otherwise visit here.
  • Provide a central telephone number and group of OA member volunteers to answer any calls made to this number, providing information about OA and the local meetings, and assisting any newcomers, the media, general public, or professionals who may have questions about OA by directly responding to their questions or by connecting them to the appropriate party within the Intergroup service structure.
  • Publish regular newsletters or bulletins to keep meeting groups and individual members informed about each other and any upcoming OA news, events, or useful information.
  • Coordinates speakers, public information, and contact with the professional community.
  • Maintains a ready supply of OA literature (inclusive of flyers and pamphlets) as well as OA and AA books used by OA members and meeting groups.
  • Sends a delegate(s) to OA’s regional assemblies (OASV belongs to Region 2) and the annual World Service Business Conference.
  • Strives to maintain an online presence that accurately reflects the available local OA meeting list, as well as any helpful OA information for newcomers, old-timers, the media, the general public, professionals, as well as family and friends.
  • Elects OA members to fulfill the various key roles and responsibilities held within each Intergroup. Click here to review the various Intergroup service positions and volunteer to do service wherever you may be called.

For further information and details, please refer to the OA Handbook for Members, Groups, and Service Bodies.

What is an Intergroup Representative (IR)?

In areas where an intergroup or service board has been formed, such as within OA Silicon Valley, each meeting group is invited to elect an intergroup representative or IR. Representatives from the various groups meet, at minimum, once per month, attending the hour-long intergroup meeting (see meeting details below).

In addition to keeping their group informed about things going on at the intergroup level or in other groups that attend the intergroup meeting, the representative is expected to participate in service activities undertaken by the intergroup; for example, by offering to support a special online or in-person event or helping with the workshops that serve OA meetings in the area or OA as a whole.

Should they arise, group problems can be resolved by sharing experiences at the intergroup meeting with representatives from other groups.
From its ranks of service officers and intergroup representatives, each intergroup selects representatives to attend regional assemblies
and delegates to attend the World Service Business Conference. These positions have abstinence and service requirements.

To learn more about OA membership, meeting groups, and service bodies, please view the OA Handbook for Members, Groups, and Service Bodies: Recovery Opportunities.