What OA Claims

At Overeaters Anonymous, we claim no medical, nutritional, or psychological expertise. Rather, we recommend that our members contact qualified professionals for help in these areas. OA’s Twelve Step approach to our common malady of compulsive eating can enhance – not replace – existing treatment programs for those already under medical supervision. 

But don’t take our word for it … here are some stats to back up our claims:

OA Life improvements

Several seasoned eating disorder professionals have come to rely on OA as a valued partner and resource in recovery. For many professionals, and especially those within the healthcare community, doing so has made all the difference. Rather than an endless cycle of repeated relapses driven by isolating behaviors common to disordered eaters, their patients have come to experience greater satisfaction and long-term recovery.

For many professionals that work with disordered eaters in a wide variety of settings, OA serves as a welcome support group in combination with professional intervention. Typically, this can prove to be a real game changer.

To read what other professionals have to say about Overeaters Anonymous, read the Courier, OA News and Information for the Professional Community.

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If you are curious about how Overeaters Anonymous Silicon Valley can help the patients, clients, students, staff, or community members you serve – then isn’t it time you got to know OA?

To speak with someone from our Professional Outreach Committee, to arrange for a free presentation for you and your staff, or to receive free OA literature, please send email to: pro-outreach@oasv.org 

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