Who Should Attend OA Meetings/Events?

Whether you are a compulsive eater, anorexic, restrictor, under-eater, bulimic, over-eater, over weight, obese, or are of normal size yet struggle with food, excessive exercise, or body image, or if you merely have questions about whether you might have issues with food – everyone is welcome at OA meetings.

While our usual face-to-face meetings are not currently available, attending one of our virtual meetings (via Zoom or other internet enabled service) is a popular option. Please click here for meeting details.

Healthcare professionals, friends, and family are all invited to attend an open OA meeting. In Silicon Valley, all our meetings are open meetings where everyone may attend, but we ask that only self-identified compulsive eaters share according to their level of comfort.

A closed group, or meeting, is closed to people that are not compulsive eaters, yet open to anyone with the desire to stop eating compulsively, or anyone who thinks they may have a problem with compulsive overeating. This includes newcomers.

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