Still Not Sure If You’re A Compulsive Eater?

Many of us have struggled with all manner of disordered eating and/or been obsessed with our weight/body image.  If you’ve viewed the Powerless Over Food video and asked yourself the 15 questions, yet are still uncertain whether or not you might be a compulsive eater (CoE), then please take the time to dig further into our website. Honestly ask yourself what further evidence you need to accept the truth about this common malady we share. Explore the links below and do your best to truthfully answer the questions posed to see if you might fall into one of these various disordered eating categories that reflect the various types of compulsive eaters that exist within OA – and who have come to recover!

OA members JUST LIKE YOU have found their way into the rooms of OA and made the decision to earnestly work the Twelve Steps with a sponsor – a sponsor is another OA member who, after having worked the Twelve Steps, has recovered and is willing to share with you how they achieved their recovery. Happily, tens of thousands have recovered from compulsive eating: a debilitating, progressive, and ultimately fatal disease. To learn more about our membership, check out the OA Membership Survey.

Why not give yourself a chance to see if you might, indeed, be one of us? You have nothing to lose but your misery! Click one of the links below to learn if you may, in fact, be a compulsive overeater of this particular variety?

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