OASV Retreat

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Our upcoming retreat will take place April 19-21, 2024. The theme for our 2023 retreat is “Eye of the Beholder: Through Whose Eyes Do You See Your Body?” A Body Image Workshop. This will be an in-person retreat – no online or hybrid options available at this time. To register, please click here!

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To have any of your issues, concerns, or questions addressed regarding this annual retreat, please send email to: oaserenityretreat@gmail.com.

Typically, the Annual OA Serenity Retreat is held at the Villa Maria Del Mar Retreat Center in Santa Cruz, California. In 2024, we hope you’ll join us at the in-person retreat for a meaningful community experience at this beautiful retreat center nestled along the shore of the Pacific ocean. We look forward to this annual event and encourage you to become a part of this amazing recovery weekend that can either serve to help jumpstart your recovery, or provide a welcome recharge of your spiritual condition.

Important Notice: Due to the pandemic and shelter in place public health order, the 2021 retreat was offered online, rather than in-person. To listen to the full selection of audio recordings of the guest speaker, please click here. The 2021 topic was “The Big Book Comes Alive for OA” and it was a FANTASTIC overview of how to work the steps/become abstinent one day at a time!

According to the feedback provided by the post-retreat online survey, 87.5% of respondents assigned a rating of “Excellent” to the 2021 retreat. The remaining 12.5% assigned a rating of “Very Good.”

Villa Maria Del Mar Retreat Center
Villa Maria Del Mar Retreat Center

The annual OASV retreat is open to all OA members and promises to help you find a closer connection to your Higher Power and a deeper understanding of the Twelve Steps. At the future in-person retreat, you may decide to attend every workshop, skip one or two, take a walk on the beach, sit and meditate, or even learn to hula hoop and boogie board. There is no right or wrong way to “do” YOUR retreat.

Rewarding Service Opportunity – Join the Retreat Team Today!
Are you looking for a rewarding service opportunity? We are looking for people eager to work on the 2023 OASV Serenity Retreat Planning Committee to assist with this annual event. If you are interested and would like to review the open committee positions to gain an understanding of roles and responsibilities, please view the list of open positions below. The term of service for each of these positions is for 2 years. All the primary roles have been filled, so we are looking for “alternates” to assist with our retreat planning efforts, to step in should the primary position holder fall ill or need to step down, and to help ensure continuity in the years to come.

If you are interested in any of the above open positions, please send email to: oaserenityretreat@gmail.com with your desired position.

If you are available to be of love and service in another capacity, please check out the various other open OASV service positions by clicking here!