Delegate Role

Within OA, an abstinent member with strong recovery and a working knowledge of the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions and the Twelve Concepts is elected to serve as Delegate. The Delegate role is a vital service position that serves the group conscience of the intergroup. As a Delegate, the group conscience of the Intergroup is taken and represented at the Regional level. The Delegate agrees to follow the 12 traditions of OA to the best of their ability, placing principles before personalities. 

The Delegate commitment is to attend the Delegate meeting once a month, which is 60-90 minutes, report back to meetings with the delegate announcements, and discuss items and vote on behalf of Intergroup’s group conscience. 

Delegates have an opportunity to bring new business to the Intergroup so that it may better serve the fellowship’s needs. The Delegate’s primary purpose is to uphold Tradition 4 and Tradition 5, that all meetings should remain autonomous, and to carry the message to the compulsive overeater who still suffers.

Important Note: OASV Intergroup is eagerly seeking OA members with interest in serving as a WSO Delegate or WSO Delegate Alternate. If you are interested, able, and willing to be of service at this time, then please see the service role requirements, term, and responsibilities listed below. Please submit your questions, or indicate your interest in this service position by sending an email to:

Requirements: 1 year abstinence requirement and at least 2 years of service beyond the group level.
Term: 2-year commitment.


  • Primary responsibility is to attend the annual WSO Business Conference.
  • Keep the service body informed about what is happening with OA throughout the world and keep the WSO informed about the service body’s problems and progress, needs and wishes.
  • Receive and share with the service body all mail from the WSO, the yearly Conference Report, and other information and ideas from WSBC, including workshop subjects and any new or changed OA policies decided at WSBC.
  • Inform the service body of any new or revised literature published by OA.
  • Remind the service body about group registration and the importance of keeping the meetings database current.
  • Keep fellow members informed about world service activities, such as public information campaigns and notifications from the WSO of articles and broadcasts about OA that may attract newcomers or generate inquiries.
  • Be the WSO’s area contact person, often to guide prospective members to a meeting and to carry the message as needed. A good delegate wholeheartedly abides by the spirit of our Twelve Traditions, especially the commitment to give service freely.
  • Help the service body solve problems and assist in keeping the service body bylaws in compliance with OA Bylaws. To do this, the delegate may draw on the resources of the World Service Office, where the staff is ready to relay helpful OA experience from all over the world.
  • It is suggested that at least one of the delegates from each Intergroup also serve as the Region 2 representative.