OA Bookstore

Get to know OA Literature – Written by Recovered Compulsive Eaters for Compulsive Eaters Seeking Solution

OA Silicon Valley (OASV) in-person meetings typically provide a wide variety of OA-approved literature for sale (in English and Spanish – other languages available upon request) as well as offering pamphlets and meeting guides for free.

During the pandemic, however, with many of our local meetings having moved to an online format, we are inviting our members, and anyone else who may be interested in OA literature, to visit the OA online bookstore to review and purchase any desired books, pamphlets, or other available products.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with some of our OA literature (please check the online bookstore for the most up-to-date information).

For the Family & Friends of compulsive eaters:

For the compulsive eater and those interested in helping them:

The Overeaters Anonymous online bookstore offers a wide variety of books, pamphlets, and digital products, as well as recovery and milestone medallions (special “coins” provided to celebrate milestones in recovery).

If you are new to OA and would like to receive our pamphlet entitled, Where Do I Start? Everything a Newcomer Needs to Know through the mail (at no cost to you, but provided for free by the OASV Intergroup) then send an email, with your request (along with any questions you may have), to: newtoOA@oasv.org. Please allow the usual time for delivery by mail (typically, 2-5 days).