Meditation Message

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August 18, 2023

Meditation Message

Meditation Message

A crystal dish with a pewter lid
tarnished black with age.
The curved sculpted handle and carved violets
grace the heavy, domed cover.
The fluted, soap-sized bowl,
rests after 100 years of service
amid the bottles and brushes on dressing tables.

A Victorian powder box,
from my father’s mother and her mother before.
A graduation gift after years of admiring hints
holds fond memories of the women
who held it, used it, protected it.
I am one of them now,
placing it on a shelf behind glass doors,
safe, venerated.

In meditation class,
grieving a failed marriage,
a stranger to myself,
I caress this prized object
in the shell of my wounded heart.
A fascination beyond the
link to my dear grandmother
draws me to this little vessel.

Drifting deeper on
murmured images;
seeking the goddess, wisdom,
direction, contact.

I breathe, longing for insight:
a vision of Truth appearing
in orange and purple foliage;
luminous angels in lavender gowns
singing Wisdom;
a bearded sage in white robes
illuminating the Path with his candle.
But shy Persephone hides,
withholding her secrets in black silence.

I float back to the surface
on gentle guidance,
swallowing another futile attempt
to visualize, transcend, understand.
And from the emptiness within,
a new voice declaims:
“Take the lid off.”

Julie T.

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