All About Acceptance


May 14, 2021

All About Acceptance

Acceptance is the inner realization that all is well despite outward appearances.

All problems are arguments with reality.

Happiness doesn’t come from getting what I want – it comes from wanting what I already have.

Serenity isn’t freedom from the storm; it is peace within the storm.

Acceptance is Not Arguing with Reality.

Acceptance is an act of courage.

Acceptance lies at the center of my recovery – it is the foundational core of the Serenity Prayer: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.”

The English Oxford Dictionary defines “acceptance” as willingness to tolerate a difficult situation – I can make the choice to accept life on life’s terms so that I cease to suffer from my need for anything to be different from how it actually is!

I accept all that is as it is

Acceptance requires that I break through my denial (of the problem or situation) so I can begin to source the solution.

Ultimately, when you truly accept something, you undergo a transformation – the structures of your brain literally change – new neurons and networks are formed; you literally physically transform!

Accepting the past allows you to write a new future.

Acceptance is THE critical stepping stone to a better life.

Acceptance is the answer… AA Big Book, p.417

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