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The 90-Day Format meetings are a special focus group of Overeaters Anonymous. At a 90-day format meeting it is suggested that only those with three or more months of continuous “90-day” format abstinence share their experience, strength and hope. OA as a national organization does not endorse any specific food plan, but many of the members in the focus group practice a particular program of abstinence which is known as the 90-day format. In addition, many of us have come to understand ourselves as food addicts.

For most people in the 90-day program, abstinence is defined as three weighed and measured meals a day under the supervision of a qualified sponsor. Many of us find that we are addicted especially to refined sugars and starches/carbohydrate, that they set up an uncontrollable craving, and that we therefore must abstain from these foods completely.

OA Silicon Valley 90-day face-to-face meetings (both English and Spanish) (current as of July 2017)

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