About Workshops

Workshops Work Wonders – Shared Experience, Strength, and Hope
OA Workshops are open to all and may cover any number of recovery topics that honor our 36 principles of recovery and that reference our OA-approved literature. The focus of these workshops is as varied as our members, reflecting their individual recovery and personal experiences with working the Twelve Steps, employing our 9 Tools of Recovery, finding a Higher Power of their own choosing, and living an abstinent and principled life in recovery one day at a time.

While our meetings are typically 1 hour to 75 minutes in length, our workshops are typically held over longer stretches of time (from 90 minutes to 3 hours or more) to allow for a deeper dive into the topic or subject matter, more member sharing, and opportunities for group interactivity.

These workshops are as diverse as our members, and reflect the experience, strength and hope of the abstinent member(s) that put these workshops together.

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Suggested Contributions
To help us offset the costs, OASV workshops often ask for a suggested contribution of US$5 to US$15 or more. However, it is important to note that no one is ever declined for an inability to contribute. All are welcome!

Contribute to OASV
Per our Seventh Tradition, Overeaters Anonymous Silicon Valley is self-supporting through our own contributions and we accept no outside donations. The funds provided to us  by our membership – through our meetings, workshops, and individual Seventh Tradition contributions – enable OASV to continue to help the still suffering compulsive eater. Please help us to serve those who suffer, as we once did, with compulsive eating and compulsive food behaviors, by contributing to OASV Intergroup.  Any amount, no matter how modest, makes a difference in our ability to reach those with our common malady! Thank you for helping OASV pass along our Twelve Step message of hope to those who still suffer.

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