Tools of Recovery: Overview


May 10, 2021

Tools of Recovery: Overview

In working Overeaters Anonymous’ Twelve-Step program of recovery from compulsive overeating, we have found that a number of tools are available to assist us. The Tools of Recovery, p1

When I showed up at my first meeting, I didn’t have any idea what to expect. It was the basement of a church, and the meeting list I’d been given listed it as a Newcomer Meeting half an hour before the regular meeting was supposed to start. I sat for twenty minutes on my own, and just when I was about to get up and leave, two women showed up for the regular meeting. Neither of them was a sponsor; neither had any serious experience of recovery, but they saved my life. One of them said, “I have heard that it works to go to 90 meetings in 90 days.” I didn’t know any better, so that’s what I did. At my next meeting the next day, I heard about food plans. At the next meeting, I heard about sponsors and phone lists. At another meeting, someone asked me to help put chairs in a circle, and told me about service. That Saturday I attended a meeting where they read from the 12 & 12. Little by little, I was introduced to the Tools of Recovery, this amazing group of resources that still get me through one day at a time.

My first sponsor told me to call three people a day. I didn’t want to do that! She told me to read literature and journal my feelings. I didn’t want to do that either! But I did it. I followed the food plan, made the phone calls, read the books and pamphlets and picked up my pen to do the writing. I called my sponsor, and I protected anonymity. I did service when asked and just showed up to do the next right thing. Action Plan was added in to the Tools long after I showed up to those first few meetings, but my sponsor always asked me what my plan was for the next day, so I was doing that too.

What is in your toolbox of recovery

One by one, one day at a time, the tools have helped me find my way through tough times and happy times. They’ve enabled me to bring order to chaos, grow in recovery and help others find their way too.

Journal Prompt: Am I using all the Tools on a regular basis? How can I incorporate them more into my daily life?

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