Tool of Sponsorship


December 24, 2021

Tool of Sponsorship

“We ask a sponsor to help us through all three levels of our program of recovery: physical, emotional, and spiritual.”
– Tools of Recovery Pamphlet

Sponsorship is an OA tool of recovery

The first time I heard about OA, I said, “Is that a group thing? Groups don’t work for me.” I thought I had all the answers and believed that self-reliance was the best plan for me. Give me a book, and I’ll read it and figure things out all by myself. If I could have done this on my own, I would have. I tried everything. It didn’t work. But reaching out to ask someone else for help? That worked miracles.

I have been in OA for many years, and I have had many sponsors. Sponsors move away, I move away, but my program stays constant. No matter how long I have been abstinent, I have to have someone I turn to for guidance and input, for help with step work and gentle nudges to stop trying to do things my own way. And by sponsoring others, I reinforce my own program and remember that I cannot do this on my own.

Journal Prompt: Am I following the guidance of my sponsor or still trying to do things my own way?

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