January 12, 2022


Do butterflies recall caterpillar days:
Green bloated bodies
chewing leaves into lace,
spinning themselves into shrouds
of blessed invisibility?

Do swans relive ugly-duckling beginnings,
avoiding their own reflections
in barnyard mirrors,
forced into shame by the jeers
of the cuter species?

Frozen by familial terms of
cruel endearment,
a cowardly bookworm
devouring fantasy stories of
impossible beauty and romance,
chewing myself into invisibility —

I remember.

Persephone stirs from purple shadows
discovers a lode of rare quartz
and cleans the clay
clinging to smooth facets.

On the cobbled shingle of a deserted beach
she finds herself breathing salt
under streaming strands
of seaweed and chestnut hair.

Haunting cries call
crystal eyes skyward.
As swans soar by,
she begins to dance.

– Julie T.

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